Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Read our extensive list of frequently asked questions below. If you still can’t find the answer you are looking for, please use the contact form to send us a message. Alternatively, send us an email and one of our knowledgeable team members will come back to you. 

Q) Where are Samco Sport Hoses made?

A) The raw silicone is manufactured in the UK from European made materials. The hoses are then hand made in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Pontyclun, South Wales, UK

Q) How do I buy Samco Sport Silicone Hoses?

A) Samco Sport does not sell direct to the customer. We have a global network of trusted and knowledgeable distributors who will be able to assist you with your purchase. Please visit our distributor page here to find your nearest official dealer. You can also use the ‘Find Distributor’ button, located on any of our product pages.

Q) Are Samco Sport hoses good?

A) Samco Sport hoses are Tried, Tested and Trusted by the world’s best drivers, riders and teams. We are so confident in our product, that all Samco Sport Performance Silicone Hoses come with our lifetime warranty.

Q) Are all Silicone Hoses the same?

A) Not all Silicone Hoses are equal. At Samco Sport we pride ourselves on manufacturing our Hoses in the UK for 26 years. Samco Sport is the original high-performance Silicone Hose brand. We have always maintained our testing and development with the world’s best race teams & professionals. Some hoses just offer a cosmetic finish to engine bays but often fail once put under pressure. Samco Sport are the tried, tested, and trusted brand and offer that lifetime guarantee.           

Q) Can Samco Sport make custom hoses?

A) We can make hoses for any application. If we don’t already provide a kit for your vehicle, you can send us a message and we will let you know if this is something we might develop. Our range of Race Parts can usually be used to create a solution for any application. If you still need something specific, a tooling cost or minimum order may be applicable in addition to the cost of the hose.

Q) How long do Samco Sport hoses last?

A) Samco Sport hoses are made from the finest European silicone and do not degrade over time. All Samco Sport Performance Silicone Hoses come with our lifetime warranty.

Q) Are Samco Sport Hoses worth it?

A) Samco Sport hoses are Tried, Tested and Trusted by the world’s best drivers, riders and teams. Our design team ensure that each hose is specifically designed for its purpose and out performs its OEM counterpart. All Samco Sport Performance Silicone Hoses come with our lifetime warranty so they really are a ‘Fit and Forget’ product.

Q) Are there any downsides to uprated hoses?

A) There are no downsides to using up-rated hose, apart from making your mind up on the colour due to the 19 different options that Samco Sport offer. The only other issue we can think of is the skimmed knuckles you’ll inevitably get when working in your engine bay!

Q) How often should radiator hoses be replaced?

A) Most OEM Radiator hoses are made from EPDM Rubber which can degrade and deteriorate over time. Many factors can cause degradation including sunlight, extreme heat, extreme cold. All Samco Sport Performance Silicone Hoses come with our lifetime warranty, so we are confident that they will never need replacing.

Q) Why, or when, would you need to upgrade your hoses?

A) OEM rubber hoses should be inspected routinely due to the risks associated through heat cycling, cracking or even stress from increased boost pressure or increased coolant temperatures. Should boost pressures or any engine performance be increased through upgrades, then upgrading to Silicone hoses will certainly lower the chances of a potential catastrophic failure.

Q) What is the difference between a ‘Race Fit’ hose kit and an ‘OEM fit’ hose kit?

A) Samco Sport bike kits are sometimes produced in two versions: Race Fit & OEM Fit’. Our Race Fit hose kits are developed to incorporate as many separate hoses into one singular piece as possible. This removes potential leak points and also makes the parts easier and quicker to replace in a competition environment. For the full explanation, take a look at our ‘Race Fit VS OEM Fit’ page here.

Q) Can you patch a radiator hose?

A) OEM Rubber hoses cannot reliably be patched. Our stretch and seal tape can be used to perform temporary repairs on Samco Sport hoses. It can also be used to minimise abrasion on high-risk areas.

Q) How do I clean my Samco Sport hose?

A) We recommend warm water with a mild washing up liquid solution for cleaning your Samco Sport silicone hose. Samco Sport are currently in the process of developing a bespoke cleaning product which will be available for purchase soon.

Q) Why are Samco Sport hoses expensive?

A) Samco Sport hoses are Hand Made in our manufacturing facility in the UK. We use highly trained hose technicians to hand craft each individual item from the highest quality European silicone. We believe our products are competitively priced, taking into account all factors that go into their production.

Q) What hose clamps can I use with my Samco Sport hoses?

A) Samco Sport has specially developed a range of hose clamps which are designed with rounded edges and are non-perforated. This is to ensure the hose clamp does not damage the silicone. Failure to use Samco Sport Hose Clamps with your Samco Sport silicone hose may invalidate your Samco Sport Lifetime Warranty. Samco Sport Hose Clamps can be purchased alongside any Samco Sport product through your official dealer. View our range of Hose Clamps here.

Q) How do I correctly fit my Samco Sport hose?

A) Visit our ‘Installation & Care’ page for full installation instructions.

Q) Do Samco Sport hoses stretch?

A) Samco Sport silicone hoses will allow for an increase in internal ID of around 1mm to 2mm depending on the diameter. However, it’s always recommended to purchase the correct size hose for your application where possible.

Q) Can Samco Sport hoses transport fuel?

A) Samco Sport has a range of products specially developed for fuel, oil, and air delivery. All Samco Sport hoses are perfect for air and water delivery. The Samco Sport Profuel range is designed to deliver Petroleum in non-pressurised applications. The Samco Sport Flouro range is designed for applications where traces of oil and Diesel will be in contact with the hose.

Q) What coolant can I use with a Samco Sport hose?

A) Most coolant and antifreeze products can be used with Samco Sport silicone hoses. However, some OAT coolants can damage silicone hoses. If you have any concerns or questions, please get in touch with us here.

Q) Does Samco Sport produce products for commercial use?

A) Samco Sport’s parent company Silflex Limited specialises in Silicone hose solutions for commercial applications. Visit their website here or send an enquiry here.

Q) What temperature are Samco Sport hoses rated for?

A) Our standard Samco Sport range of hoses are rated to a temperature of 180° Our Samco Xtreme range is rated to 250°C.

Q) What pressure are Samco Sport hoses rated for?

A) Please find a link to our data sheet here.

Q) What is the bend radius on a Samco Sport hose?

A) Please find a link to our data sheet here.

Q) What is the leg length on a Samco Sport hose?

A) Please find a link to our data sheet here.

Q) Can I visit Samco Sport?

A) Samco Sport is not open to the general public. Trade customers can arrange a visit with us by appointment only. Get in touch with us here.

Q) Still can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

A) Our sales and customer service team are always happy to assist with any query you may have. Please contact us using the contact form here or send us an email to [email protected]