Custom Silicone Hoses

Custom Silicone Hoses and Kits

At Samco Sport, we take pride in delivering precision-engineered solutions for enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best for their vehicles. Our Custom-Built Hoses and Kits are the epitome of performance, reliability, and customisation.


We understand that every vehicle is different, and our customisation options reflect this commitment. Whether you’re looking for a specific camouflage colour scheme, obscure size or design, Samco Sport is your partner in turning your vision into reality. Our bespoke solutions ensure a perfect fit, optimal performance, and a look that sets your vehicle apart from the rest.

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Why Choose Samco Sport for Your Custom Hoses and Kits?

Precision Engineering: Our team of experts employs state-of-the-art technology to craft hoses and kits with precision and accuracy.


Quality Assurance: Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability, functionality, and reliability.


Customisation Options: Tailor your hoses and kits to your exact specifications, reflecting your unique style and preferences.


Industry-Leading Warranty: We stand by the quality of our products. That’s why each purchase is backed by our industry-leading lifetime warranty, providing you total peace of mind.

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Custom Hose Creation Process


The hose-building process at Samco Sport is a comprehensive, meticulous endeavour that ensures each custom-built hose and kit meets our exacting standards. Here’s an overview of what happens behind the scenes:



Design and Engineering:

Research and Development: Our process begins with extensive research and development to understand the specific requirements and performance needs of your specific application.


Customisation Consultation: We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their unique specifications, whether it’s a specific size or material requirement such as flurolining or wire reinforcement.


Specialised Components: Depending on the requirements, specialised fittings, reinforcements, and accessories are selected to enhance hose functionality.


Premium Materials: Samco Sport uses top-grade European silicone known for its durability, and resistance to extreme temperatures and pressures.



Precision Manufacturing:

Tool creation: Following your design consultation we will begin construction of the steel templates required to manufacture your unique hoses. If you are creating a specific vehicle hose kit, we may require the original OEM hoses from your car or bike to aid in this process.


Cutting and Shaping: precision cutting, sizing and shaping of your hoses reduces waste products and ensures the perfect fitment.


Building and Curing: The silicone material is moulded by hand into the desired custom shape using the steel mandrels created. It is then cured to ensure structural integrity and resilience.



Quality Assurance:

Thorough Testing: Depending on your requirements, hoses and kits can undergo rigorous testing to verify their performance under various conditions, including temperature extremes, pressure tests, and stress tests.


Quality Checks: Comprehensive inspections are conducted to ensure every detail meets our stringent quality standards.


Test Fitting: Once your hoses have been created, they should be test-fitted to ensure that they fit precisely within your final application.

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Custom Silicone Hose Costs

To maintain our high standard of product, we refuse to cut corners while manufacturing your custom hoses. Due to the nature of custom products, an additional cost is assumed by you for the following: Design and engineering, materials selected, additional product testing and test fitment.

How to Order Custom Silicone Hoses

 Custom Samco Sport Silicone Hoses are often a great option to consider if no kits for your specific car model or race build are available. However, we would always recommend checking our universal race parts for your specific requirements before considering a custom-built hose. To find out if custom hoses are the right option for you and to receive your free custom hose quotation please get in touch using our dedicated contact form.