Xtraflex Hose Lengths

SamcoSport is the world leader in silicone hose technology. Our hoses are used by race teams at the pinnacle of motorsport all over the world and our wide range of universal race parts means that you can use SamcoSport hoses for all applications. All our ex Hoses Xtraflex Hoses are built to 1m lengths and can be cut down to the required size.

Our Xtraflex Silicone Hose Lengths provide a great combination of style and performance and are perfect for most air and water applications.

Our Fluorolined Xtraflex Silicone Hose Lengths are specially designed for applications where traces of oil and diesel will be in contact with the hose. 

Our ProFuel™ Extraflex Silicone Hose Lengths are specially designed for petrol applications.