On a rainy Friday at the Samco Sport HQ, #TeamSamco welcomed a special guest to our facility, none other than the esteemed drag bike racer, Jonny Hines. The day was filled with excitement and passion for the sport as Jonny delved into an immersive experience at the heart of Samco Sport’s operations.


The visit began with a warm reception before Jonny was escorted through the factory, gaining first-hand insights into the meticulous silicone hose-building process that defines Samco Sport’s exceptional quality. Engrossed in the intricacies, he marvelled at the craftsmanship involved, appreciating the precision that goes into every product bearing the Samco Sport name.


However, Jonny’s visit was not just about our hoses. At Samco Sport, our team follow #TeamSamco athletes with immense dedication. All enthusiasts in their own right, they indulged in an animated conversation about the power-fuelled world of drag bike racing. Jonny’s wealth of experience and passion for the sport shone through as he shared anecdotes and strategies, leading to spirited discussions.


As if the day couldn’t get any better, Jonny surprised everyone by unveiling his prized possession – a 650hp turbocharged Hayabusa drag bike. The sheer power and engineering brilliance of this machine left everyone in awe. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as Jonny offered to start the bike allowing the workforce to enjoy the soundtrack of the engine. Everybody was in awe, gaining a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of drag bike engineering and the relentless pursuit of performance perfection.


The visit wasn’t just about showcasing a powerful machine; it was a moment of shared passion. Jonny’s presence bridged the gap between professional racing and manufacturing, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between innovation on the track and precision in production. For Samco Sport, having Jonny Hines visit was more than just a sponsorship encounter; it was an opportunity to reinforce our commitment to supporting the racing community. It was a chance to celebrate the spirit of competition, the pursuit of excellence, and the dedication that defines both Samco Sport and Jonny Hines in their respective racetracks.


The day drew to a close with a sense of excitement. Jonny’s visit had left a mark on everyone present, a testament to the power of a joint vision. As he bid farewell, Jonny left behind not just memories of a remarkable day but a lasting impression of a true racing aficionado, one whose dedication to the sport continues to inspire all who cross his path.


At Samco Sport, It’s not just about building hoses, it is about building our #TeamSamco community and bringing the excitement of motorsport to as many people as possible!