The sun’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and that familiar itch for open roads is calling to every motorcycle enthusiast. Before you crank up the engine and disappear into a horizon of endless asphalt, there’s some prep work to ensure your trusty steed is ready for summer’s harsher conditions.


This isn’t just about giving your bike a quick wipe down (although a good wash never hurts!). Summer throws some unique challenges at your motorcycle, so a little TLC goes a long way in keeping you safe and maximising your riding enjoyment.

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Essential Summer Prep: Keeping Your Machine in Top Form


Let’s dive into the key areas to focus on when prepping your motorcycle for summer:

  • Change your oil.Warmer weather means your engine works harder. Regular oil changes are crucial, but for summer, consider switching to a fresh, summer-weight oil recommended by your manufacturer. This ensures optimal lubrication and protects your engine from the increased heat.


  • Check your tyres: Tyres are the only point of contact between you and the asphalt. Proper tyre pressure is essential for handling and safety, especially during hot weather when pressure can fluctuate. Regularly check your tyre pressure before each ride, paying close attention to the manufacturer’s recommended settings for summer conditions. Remember, a hot tyre will have slightly higher pressure than a cold one.


  • Keep your chain clean and lubricated: A neglected chain can quickly become a recipe for disaster. Regularly clean and lubricate your chain throughout the riding season, but especially before summer kicks in. This reduces wear and tear, prevents seizing, and ensures smooth power delivery.


  • Don’t Neglect your Brakes: Your brakes are quite literally your lifeline. Have a qualified mechanic inspect your brakes for proper function and pad wear. Don’t wait for a spongy lever or grinding noises – address any brake issues immediately.


  • Think about your cooling system: Your motorcycle’s cooling system works tirelessly to regulate engine temperature. Over time, coolant degrades and loses its effectiveness. A flush and refill with fresh coolant ensures optimal performance, preventing your engine from overheating on those scorching summer days.

Upgrade Your Ride with Samco Sport: Performance and Peace of Mind.


Now that we’ve covered the essential maintenance, let’s talk about taking your summer prep to the next level. Here’s where Samco Sport hoses come in, offering a performance upgrade that complements your summer prep perfectly.

Stock rubber hoses, while functional, can struggle under the increased heat of summer. They can become brittle and prone to cracks or leaks, potentially leading to overheating and a disastrous breakdown. Samco Sport hoses are the ideal solution, providing several key advantages:


  • Engineered for the Heat: Enhanced Cooling Performance. Samco Sport hoses are constructed from high-grade silicone that can withstand significantly higher temperatures than stock rubber hoses. This translates to improved coolant flow and more efficient heat transfer, keeping your engine running cool even on the hottest days.
  • Built to Last: Durability You Can Count On. Unlike rubber, which deteriorates over time, Samco Sport hoses are built for the long haul. Their robust silicone construction offers superior resistance to heat and pressure, ensuring long-lasting performance and peace of mind.
  • Standing Out from the Crowd: A Touch of Personalisation. Let’s face it, motorcycles are about expressing your individuality. Samco Sport hoses come in a wide range of vibrant colours, allowing you to add a personal touch and a pop of visual flair to your engine bay.

Investing in Samco Sport hoses isn’t just about squeezing out more performance; it’s about confidence.

Knowing your engine is equipped with the best possible cooling system allows you to focus on the pure joy of riding, whether you’re cruising scenic coastal highways or carving up mountain roads.


Summer’s the Season for Adventure: Gear Up with Confidence

Now that you’ve got your bike primed for hot weather, it’s time to hit the road and create some epic summer riding memories! Remember, safety should always be your top priority. Gear up with a quality helmet, protective clothing, and consider enrolling in a safety course to sharpen your riding skills. With a little planning and preparation, you can ensure your summer motorcycle adventures are filled with fun, freedom, and unforgettable experiences.