July, time for the first of two visits to Brands Hatch this year. 

Brands is very familiar but is never a track to relax; its undulations mean you can never rest on your laurels. Friday and Saturday practices were wet, with Saturday practice the last opportunity to find the limit in case qualifying later was wet too. I really put the hammer down setting times 2 seconds quicker than the others. I must be honest; I love driving and racing in the rain!

I qualified on a drying track in P2 which I was happy with and looking forward to putting all my experience into converting it into a great result the next day.I start on the higher side of the track but slotted into 3rd going into paddock hill letting everyone settle before beginning to make progress. I moved to second and was soon gaining on the leader who had got away slightly whilst unchallenged. Taking the lead on Graham hill bend and began to pull away when the car suffered a mechanical, which ended my race and put a stop to my first win at Brands Hatch.

The issue was quick to fix for race 2 but frustrating to not finish, my first DNF of the season and valuable points for the championship.

Race 2 starting in 4th, I was hungrier for the win, which is usually my reaction when I have a setback of any sort.I got the win… and still leading the championship.

North Wales

It was not a long wait until the next round in North Wales mid-August at Trac Mon, Angelsey. I had never been to Angelsey so I had to get up to speed and learn quick. The wind and rain for Friday practice was a joy, not a lot stayed dry. Situated on the waters edge we copped it. However, I loved it, dry in my car!

The next day, was a quiet and bright day with one further practice in much different conditions, finding the limit of turn one quickly- a little rally cross.

Qualifying and two races on the Sunday was busy to say the least. I started P2 and race was one was close and frantic, I finished fourth, my worst finish result but glad the car was ok. Race 2 again I was eager to make the trip worth it. Although, I could tell I was under powered (confirmed once the car was back at Northampton) I finished a strong second place- still ahead in the championship. The set up was perfect and it was a great end to the weekend.

Since, I have now had my GCSE results after an agonisingly long wait, I now must decide what I am doing next. I have applied for 2 colleges and I have a third option also as a backup.

I am looking forward to settling into my new college, course and back with racing friends all being well- I will update you all in my next blog as to where I am!

I have an exciting visit to make in a couple of days too so I will have plenty to tell you…….

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