Blog – Championship Secured.

With the last rounds now over and the championship title in my hands, I have had some time to reflect on the years and previous seasons. It really does mean a lot to win a championship, given how close the racing was all year and how the other drivers really improved as the rounds went on.

Fiesta Juniors really made me and the team focus and if it’s one thing I have learnt from my three years is not to panic drive. I kept a pretty cool head even when things weren’t 100% or going as planned.

I started college on the Motorsport UK Academy AASE course in September. This means living away for two weeks of the month with a few friends. We opted for Air B and Bs and found a great one we can stay at most of the time. I am grateful to finally be around others that all get motorsport. I have quite a few supportive mates at home who are interested in racing, but to be around those who race is great fun. It’s also challenging as many are already in top series’. My journey isn’t as straightforward and easily navigated but for me that’s good as it makes me all the hungrier and more determined for it!

I have some top mates there and the course is very varied. It covers Business, Sport, vehicle maintenance and sporting excellence in motorsport and maths. It’s pretty intense as it a full time BTEC level 3 course condensed into 2 weeks a month over two years.

Porsche Human Performance were there the other week testing our fitness. You will be pleased to hear I was the best at the bleep test. Putting me ahead of some very well-known names in the sport!

On my weeks off I am now working at an indoor Kart Track near Worcester, marshalling, kart maintenance and looking after customers. It’s a good laugh, cold at the moment as it’s in a large hanger- but up my street. Keeps me fit too.

Phil at Samco Sport kindly organised a visit for us at Team Dynamic in Droitwich. It was an amazing set up seeing the cars and chassis being built from scratch, other projects in making, the various cars and facilities was great to experience. Of course, that’s the aim to race with a big team like that… I am working on it!!! Thanks to Ben and Phil for showing me round, and also for showing us around at Silverstone in the second to last round of the BTCC. That was very nice!

Winter time is getting back on with studies, finances, and planning for the next few years. Senior Fiesta Championship racing with adults is the most likely option for 2020 but always looking at other options too. If you are interested or have a company looking to get involved in supporting a driver whilst doing great business, get in touch.

A huge thank you to all my supporters and readers of this blog, family, friends and sponsors for a terrific 2019 season!

I just want to give a shout out to all the lads making the Samco Sport hoses- you guys do a fantastic job, there are no other hoses I would choose for my cars- top job!