The thunderous roar of engines, the smell of burning rubber, and a symphony of screeching tires – Autosport International 2024 witnessed an adrenaline-fueled takeover of the Live Action Arena. In a spectacular showcase of skill and precision, Luke Woodham and Baggsy, two extraordinary drift drivers and both integral members of #TeamSamco, dominated the stage with their drift performance.


The annual Autosport International show, a perennial favourite among automotive enthusiasts, has been a magnet for crowds for many years. Fuelled by a shared passion for all things automotive, the show serves as a platform that seamlessly brings together four corners of the racing world: Performance (tuning), Motorsport, Engineering, and of course, Action. Attendees eagerly anticipate this collaboration, creating an immersive experience that caters to a vast range of interests within the automotive community. The 2024 show not only lived up to these high expectations but exceeded them, delivering a showcase of phenomenal machines that resonated with enthusiasts, professionals, and casual visitors alike.

Baggsy GT86 Launch 135
Autosport 2024 391

While the Live Action Arena was the focal point of excitement, Autosport International 2024 offered much more beyond the drifting spectacle. The event buzzed with enthusiasts exploring the latest advancements, innovations, and displays from the automotive world. Samco Sport’s influence extended beyond the Live Action Arena as the company’s high-performance silicone hoses found their way into numerous display cars throughout Autosport International 2024 such as Baggsy’s new GT86 drift car. For Team Samco it was fantastic to see one of our very first silicone hose kits for the BMW M4 on display with The Wrap Sanctuary. The same BMW can be seen in the below Samco Sport Hose fitting video by Carbon Works.

As the tire smoke settled and the echoes of roaring engines faded, Luke Woodham and Baggsy had not only conquered the Live Action Arena but had also left an indelible mark on Autosport International 2024. The event showcased not only the dynamic prowess of drifting but for Samco Sport, the technical advantage that silicone hoses bring to the forefront of motorsport.

Autosport 2024 450.