Samco Sport is elated to celebrate the remarkable achievement of our sponsored driver, Ian ‘Bizz’ Phillips, who clinched an exhilarating victory at the recent Drift Pro Championship round at Brands Hatch. This event featured a challenging new track layout, setting the stage for intense competition among skilled drifters.


Practice and Qualifying Challenges

The day commenced with practice sessions on Brands Hatch’s redesigned track, introducing technical nuances that tested drivers’ precision and speed management. Ian ‘Bizz’ Phillips faced an escalating misfire issue during practice, complicating each lap and demanding meticulous adjustments. Despite these challenges, Bizz adapted swiftly, gaining confidence in chase manoeuvres crucial for competitive twinning.

As qualifying approached, the team worked diligently to troubleshoot and mitigate the misfire affecting Bizz’s LS-powered vehicle. The inherent complexities of diagnosing such issues without active driving posed a formidable challenge. Despite their efforts, the misfire persisted during qualifying runs, contributing to Bizz securing a 10th-place starting position—a testament to his resilience in adverse conditions.


Top 16 Triumph Against Oliver Bolton

In the Top 16, Ian faced Oliver Bolton. “Olly set a formidable lead run, demonstrating his skill and challenging me to match his intensity. Adapting to his style, I seized the opportunity during his chase run when I noticed slight deviations in his line. I executed a precise lead run, ensuring I capitalized on his errors, securing a decisive win and advancing to the Top 8.”


Top 8 Showdown with Lwi Edwards

The Top 8 presented a formidable challenge against Lwi Edwards, the day’s standout performer and championship leader. “Acknowledging Lwi’s consistent form, I focused on maintaining proximity during the chase. His flawless execution demanded precision, but I maintained composure during my lead run. Unfortunately for Lwi, a mechanical issue—a shredded supercharger belt—ended his run prematurely on the final corner, enabling me to progress.”


Mechanical Resilience and Semi-Final Drama

Following the Top 8 victory, Bizz encountered a critical setback in the pits when his car failed to start—a sudden loss of responsiveness akin to a dead battery. The timely intervention of the Tegiwa garage team proved invaluable, successfully jump-starting the vehicle moments before the semi-final battle against Joel Conlan. Despite the last-minute mechanical scare, Bizz’s resolve remained unwavering, demonstrating remarkable focus and determination.


Final Showdown and Victorious Finish

“The final battle against Richie Gilbey was a highlight of the day,” recounts Bizz enthusiastically. “Richie and I anticipated a fiercely contested duel, pushing each other to the limits. From the drag up to the initiation, we were neck and neck. Navigating Druids and mastering the downhill manjis demanded precision and speed. Richie’s minor mistake—dropping wheels on the final corner—proved decisive, allowing me to seize the victory.”


In reflection, Bizz extends heartfelt gratitude to his pit crew, the dedicated Drift Pro staff, and loyal partners whose unwavering support contributed significantly to his triumph. “Winning at Brands Hatch is a testament to our collective effort and perseverance,” says Bizz. “I couldn’t have achieved this without their expertise and encouragement.”


A Bright Future Ahead

Samco Sport is proud to support Ian ‘Bizz’ Phillips and celebrates his well-deserved win. This victory not only highlights his exceptional driving talent but also underscores the importance of teamwork and perseverance in the face of challenges. As Bizz continues to dominate the drift scene, his future looks incredibly promising. His ability to overcome adversity and perform under pressure makes him a standout in the motorsport world.

Stay tuned for more updates and follow Ian ‘Bizz’ Phillips’ journey as he continues to dominate the drift scene. By joining Team Samco, you can stay informed about the latest developments, race results, and exclusive insights into the world of motorsport. Don’t miss out on the excitement and thrill of drifting—follow us and be part of the journey!