It’s that time of the year… the trip we have all been waiting for. The trip of a lifetime some might say…

 In truth, if you have an apetite for the fast life, you can join Crewsade on multiple trips per year (if your wallet/significant other allows)

Unfortunately, the trip to Ibiza was cancelled this year due to the covid. (plus im not sure I could have put that one on expenses, or past the mrs for that matter)

London to Liverpool it is! 

Arriving at the luxury hotel on Thursday night, the grid assembles and has the chance to get aquainted with eachother over some ‘casual’ drinking, dancing and all manner of ‘other’ activities. Our friends at Fleet Livery Solutions work hard to get all the vehicles liveried and looking the part for the 800+ mile trip across the UK. 

The media team also get the chance to take the only half decent pictures and creative b-roll, before alcohol and lack of sleep progressively makes it more difficult to look through the veiwfinder. All jokes aside, the media team that joins the trip are some of the best automotive creatives in the business, and the content alone is something you couldnt recreate. If you like your car, and you want some content, this is the trip to do!


A little worse for wear, Friday morning marks the start of the trip. Breakfast is a dangerous option for some who had a heavy night, but an option non the less and is included every morning. 

A quick fuel stop on the way out of London is followed by a winding picturesque route across the south of England, stopping at some carefully selected spots along the way. 

Beaulieu, home of the National Motor Museum, provided the perfect respite and a chance to look around some of the best automotive exhibits in the country. 

The next pitstop was at the Sonax Detailing Academy in Bristol. Partners of Crewsade and also attendees this year, the Sonax boys showed us around the facility and got some of the girls to show us how to really wash a car. 

Onward to Wales! The 30 car crew rolled across the seven bridge and on towards some of the best driving roads in the UK.  But not before a hard-earned party in Cardiff!

Saturday morning, Liverpool awaits! But standing between us and the finish line is 300+ miles of the best roads that Wales can provide. 

Leaving the Hilton in Cardiff, a mad dash to the petrol station is needed. When you have Lamborghinis, Range Rovers, a Ford F-150, a couple of Mclarens and a rotary weapon in tow, a fuel stop is never to far away. 

Not far from the Hotel, and en-route into the Breacon Beacons, is the Samco Sport Factory. As partners of Crewsade, it would be rude not to provide a warm welcome and a tour around our facility. With music, refreshments and a car sized photo both, the crew took a much needed break before departing for the hills and valleys of the Brecon Beacons. 

We also managed to recreate the shot from Fast and Furious, with our own Samco Sport & Crewsade twist. Props to Harry Parvin for the shot. Overnight parts from Wales!

An hour or so later, and another quick stop for fuel and a Greggs at Builth Wells. The rally then made it’s way up through mid wales and across the valleys. The roads are insane, the views are even better. 

Finally the finish line is insight, and the closing party awaits. Rolling into liverpool the celebrations start and go on way into the night. For Al and the Crewsade Staff its been a long year since the last trip. To get another one across the line is a great achievement. 

WeCrewsade is an automovtive adventure company. Specialising in providing experiences that go way beyond what a normal trip provider could offer. Al draws on all his knowledge, his ability to plan, and his massive set of plums to create something special that everyone should experience. 

With 5/6 trips running every year all over europe, there is sure to be something to suit you, your budget, and what you are looking to get out of your automotive adventure. 

Written by: Callum Stirling-Jones. #TeamSamco 

Images by: Harry Pravin @HarryParvin

Samco Sport is proud to have partnered with WeCrewsade for 2021 and beyond. We are also privileged to be on this adventure with fellow WeCrewsade partners, E-CIG ONE, Fleet Livery Solutions, FastR and Sonax

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