Baggsy GT86 Launch lights on light painting

Introducing #TeamSamco member, Baggsy Biagioni’s newest edition to his drift garage, his 2024 competition car, Toyota GT86.


This powerhouse unleashed onto the drifting stage isn’t just another car; it’s a meticulously crafted engineering marvel, meticulously designed and built through a collaboration between many industry leaders including Samco Sports products.


In Baggsy’s own words, “The debut of my 2024 GT86 drift car is incredibly exciting. It’s been a journey of dedication and precision to ensure every detail is perfected. This isn’t just a local contender; it’s built to dominate global drift events. The GT86’s phenomenal platform provided the perfect base, and with the new 2JZ engine package, we’ve elevated it to a whole new level.”


The car was first unveiled at the Essen Motorshow, and will later be featured at major events like the Monster Energy conference, the Autosport International. This build is set to make waves, showcasing the expertise of SB Motorsport and their partnered brands. It even features a full carbon Kevlar body!

Baggsy GT86 Launch 135
Baggsy GT86 Launch 2

This GT86 is not just about looks; it’s a beast under the bonnet. With a 2JZ engine pushing out a mind-blowing 1000hp and 900nm of torque, it’s geared to dominate the track. The powertrain is enhanced by a range of top-notch components like the G35 1150 turbo and a performance titanium exhaust system.


Fuelled by E85 Race Fuel and an improved fuel system, along with 1500cc injectors and a high-performance air filter, this GT86 build has cut no corners. Cooling is managed by and performance intercooler and radiator, with enhanced heat management and of course, Samco Sport Silicone Hoses, ensuring peak performance in the most extreme conditions.


The drivetrain is a symphony of strength, with a 6-speed gearbox, competition grade triple disc clutch, drifting differential and subframe all providing stability for Baggsy’s extreme style of driving. A new brake system and performance brake lines all add to the show, making this GT86 a force to be reckoned with.


And let’s talk about looks – the stunning design is thanks to Fleet Livery Solutions who you may recall provided our Team Samco van with a new livery last year! They have used high-quality Arlon vinyl for a visual impact that matches the performance of this incredible machine.


Baggsy’s 2024 GT86 isn’t just a car; it’s a testament to a passion for pushing the limits. Get ready to witness its might during the 2024 drift season!

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