This summer has already been extra-busy for Baggsy and the crew! First up, in early July, Baggsy brought the epic #LSXR35 GT-R Version 3 to the amazing
Goodwood Festival Of Speed.

In addition to the now-familiar drift displays, smoking tyres, burning rubber doing neck-crunching donuts as they went up the famous 1.16 mile hillclimb route, this time all of the drift racers would compete against each other for the first time going up the hill in the first-ever Driftkhana competition!

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The test of power, skill and precision involved rocketing down the tree-lined avenue and performing a sequence of close-quarters barrel turns not just once, but twice – at the first turn, and again in front of the world-famous Goodwood House. Each barrel was fitted with proximity sensors and flashing lights to inform the crowd if the drivers got close enough – or if they missed the mark! 

All this is before braving the dangerous off-camber Molecomb corner and then the imposing, immovable Flint Wall! At the top paddock, a third sensor-laden wallride awaited, leading into a challenging parallel parking spot to finish the run.

With each driver only getting a single practice run on the Driftkhana course each day over 4 days, and challenging wet/dry conditions, it was a massively difficult job to get everything spot-on – and judge Terry Grant pulled no punches with his commentary and judging!

The GT-R showed some concerning signs after the first few runs, so the team pulled the trigger Saturday afternoon and headed back to Essex to pick up the competition-ready #PS13V8 to finish off the weekend.

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Sunday dawned with Baggsy’s team extra-tired, but the PS13 was in the pits – right next to the GT-R! Visitors to the car paddock got a double-dose of Baggsy!

Irish drifter James Deane bagged top points from Terry, but Baggsy took it all in his stride – fun, sun and fast cars is the name of the game at Goodwood, after all!

Goodwood #FoS isn’t just about awesome cars…one of the greatest things about it is meeting your motorsport heroes! This legend is Ari Vatanen, rallying demigod! The other is Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni!

Catch all the action from Goodwood Festival of Speed on Behind the Drift, coming soon!

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